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ps. Attempting to pimp out our wee web home. Suggestions?

pps. On the group’s suggestion, have begun reading Maus. It’s truly blowing my mind, I never thought I would ever get anything from a graphic novel… but what can I say?! I’m a believer!


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Meeting #1 Feedback, and Going Forward

Hello again,

After a few days of respite following a fairly successful first-ever Dublin Twook Club, we’re back with a bang and already looking forward to our next book and meeting, for the month of August.

First and foremost, I definitely welcome feedback from anyone; whether you were in the room at the meeting, participating on the Liveblog on the night, or indeed if you’ve just stumbled across us now and have anything to add/suggest or you want to participate in our little endeavour.

Secondly, looking forward to the next meeting (date TBC), we’re looking for suggestions for our next book to choose. Those present on the night suggested that we might go for something quite different and off-the-wall, to challenge everyone and resist as much as possible the idea of slipping into any reader’s comfort zone. So what do you suggest? Please feel free to leave comments or Tweet us (@dublintwookclub, as always!). If you’re leaving a comment below, please leave your Twitter username if it’s different to your own name, to help other people find you. Remember, anyone is welcome – you don’t need to have been at the first meeting, or know anyone else in the the group, or indeed have ever participated in a book club to join in.

Looking forward to your responses!

PS – What do we think about doing more bits with the blog here; for example, allowing people to submit book reviews if they want to, discussing new releases, or making it a more up-to-date account of what’s going on in the literary world?


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Dublin Twook Club Liveblog – #1 – The Secret Scripture

Right, it seems won’t allow us to embed the liveblog within its pages, so please, everyone, click the link below to join in the liveblog at

DublinTwookClub #1 – Sebastian Barry’s “The Secret Scripture”

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Final post before the first meeting!

Hello all! Hope these few lines find you all well, and that the book is long finished at this stage (going to be a late night for some, eh?!).

If any of you happen to be mentioning the Twook Club on Twitter, I’d appreciate if you could try and slip in the #twookclub hashtag so that we can keep tabs on the conversation going back and forth – we’re hoping to use it tomorrow night if people are participating from afar. Don’t forget to tell your friends that they can follow the liveblog on here on too! Gav will be behind the wheel of that tomorrow night.

Really looking forward to the interaction in the room and here on the blog. If you have any questions just wing me an email.

See you all tomorrow!


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Annoucement: the first Dublin Twook Club choice!

The polls are closed, the votes are in… your new Taoiseach is… wait, that’s the wrong speech. Sorry, let me start again!

First of all, thanks a million to the 38 of you who had your tuppence worth and voted in the poll to decide DTC’s first book; in the end, somewhat inevitably, we had a tie – with ‘The Secret Scripture’ by Sebastian Barry and ‘The Angel’s Game’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon both scoring ten votes. So what do you do in these cares? You toss a coin. Sebastian Barry was heads, Ruiz Zafon was tails, and heads came up trumps – so Sebastian Barry’s ‘The Secret Scripture’ will be the first book up for discussion at Dublin Twook Club #1 on the 21st of July.

This gives you three weeks from tomorrow to get through the book – the image on the right is the currently-in-production main cover of the book (there was an earlier one but without so if you’re going out buying it, this is what you should be looking for. You can click here to get hold of it on Amazon too.

It’s important to remember that although we can only house 15 people at the first actual meeting, the whole point of a Twitter-based book club is that people will be able to join in from wherever they are anywhere in the world, via the medium of the liveblog that Gav will be taking command of on the night, and – naturally – over Twitter where we’ll be using the #twookclub hashtag, and where you can direct your Tweets to @DublinTwookClub. More of that, though, in the coming days and weeks.

So – Sebastian Barry’s The Secret Scripture in 22 days. Sound fun? Get reading!


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Date of the first meeting!

So! While the votes are coming in and while the word is spreading, I’m thrilled to announce that the first ever DublinTwookClub meeting will take place on… ~~~drum roll!~~~ Tuesday the 21st of July at 7.30pm.

Now, as you can imagine, it’s going to be quite difficult to coordinate so many schedules, so we’re hoping to have a rolling membership to allow many people to enjoy being part of the club, at various junctures in it’s development. So, for example, you can commit to coming to the July meeting, but we’ll provide a seperate sign-up for the August get-together. This is to address the commitment issues (!) of some to the club; understandably people are very busy and may not be comfortable signing up to something they feel they can’t give their time to on a recurring basis. It’ll also allow others who can’t get in on time to make the cut for the first meeting to apply again, at a later date.

We’re also hoping to have an online/Twitter discussion on the books – perhaps a liveblog of some sort? – but we’ll reveal more about this at a later time.

We’re limiting the numbers for the first meeting to 15 – again, I really don’t like the idea of culling anyone – but unfortunately space is limited in the room we have so there sadly, for the first time around at least, there just isn’t room for everyone who’s expressed interest.

So, to sign up, just leave a comment below committing to the club for Tuesday 21st July at 7.30pm. It’ll be on in our house – 119 Upper Leeson St., Google Map here – it’s free, of course!, and food and drinks will be provided, though you can feel free to bring whatever you like if that’s what you’re into.

By the way, I’m closing the poll on the book this Friday, so that the first lucky 15 can get stuck into the chosen book in good time!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up!

PS – For those who don’t make it into the first group, please keep an eye on this page and our twitter regardless… you’re welcome to read along and contribute to the discussion online!


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Picking Our First Book: A Poll

So! First of all, thanks to everyone who retweeted the news about us last week – it’s great to see such interest out there in the big ol’ Twittersphere and we’re really grateful to everyone who did their small bit to spread the word.

And now to the actual nitty-gritty of a book club: the reading bit! We figured that there was no better way of ensuring some interest in the Twook Club than to give you guys the choice of what we kick off by reading, so we’ve taken the best suggestions that people have sent through @replies and Direct Messages on Twitter, and put together this potential list of six books.

We’re going to leave voting open for a week (for now anyway!) so get your say in and be sure to keep spreading the word – the more the merrier, we’ll always find more space!

Thanks again,

Edit: poll removed, now closed...

(Sorry the box doesn’t go wide enough to take in the full names of the books, that’s technology for you…)

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