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In advance of Liveblog Discussion #2

Just a few housekeeping issues, as Stephen Fry would say. If any of you happen to be mentioning the Twook Club on Twitter, I’d appreciate if you could try and slip in the #twookclub hashtag so that we can keep tabs on the conversation going back and forth – we’re hoping to use it Tuesday night if people are participating from afar. Don’t forget to tell your friends that they can follow the liveblog here too! All are welcome. Contributions are important, but if people just want to have an eye in on the action with a view to contributing next time, that’s fine too.

Finally, since each attendee has been asked to bring piece/quote/line/address from a book that touched them, we would encourage those on the liveblog to share similar passages with us.

Please email me at dublintwookclub [AT] if you need any more information between now and Tuesday night.

I’ll see you all at the liveblog!



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Sweet Offer from @Easons

Hi all!

Many of you will be aware of this already (if you follow our twitter account that is… if you’re not a followin’, why the devil not?! We’re at @DublinTwookClub) but this warrants a post here. The nice folks at Easons (that’s @Easons in tweetopolis) have come on board with the Twook Club and have secured a 15% discount for Twookees on titles that we’re discussing. That offer stands for the current title Maus and will continue on as the Club moves forward. I am tremendously grateful to all in Easons for their foresight in seeking out the Club and looking to get involved… very impressive engagement for such a massive company, to think that they would know about the goings on of a wee clubeen like ourselves! The power of the IT eh?!

No recession around here, wha’?!

C x

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Twook Club Meeting #2- Title announcement!

Once again, the polls are closed, the votes are in… we have a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeener. It’s Maus!


I think it’s a great choice… it was first mentioned at the first meeting and I think it’s going to challenge us to discuss/take in a different type of read to what 90% of us would be used to. Sure isn’t that the beauty of it all?!

You can click here to get hold of it on Amazon.

Once more, it will take place on August the 25th at 7.30pm, at the usual venue of 119 Upper Leeson St.

Again, it’s important to emphasise (as we did last month) that although we can only house 15 people at the first actual meeting, the whole point of a Twitter-based book club is that people will be able to join in from wherever they are anywhere in the world, via the medium of the liveblog that Gav will once again be taking command of on the night, and – naturally – over Twitter where we’ll be using the #twookclub hashtag, and where you can direct your Tweets to @DublinTwookClub. We’ll be harping on about that a lot in the next few weeks though so don’t worry about taking all that in for now. Prioritise getting your hands on the book and getting stuck in!

I’ve been cheating slightly myself as I picked up a copy of the book after the last meeting suspecting it may make the cut for meeting #2. It did! Don’t I feel smug! There was so fiddling of the poll though. I swear 🙂

Happy reading folks!

ps. Have an idea for the next meeting too… that each attendee could bring a piece/quote/line/address from a book that touched them. Be it humour, romance, tales of distress or moments of enlightenment, all can share a moment in literature that meant something to them… for whatever reason. I look forward to the diversity of what the group throws up. I suspect it will help everyone get an idea where contributers are coming from, from a personal perspective point of view.  Get thinking on it!

pps. Do send this post the way of your friends so they can partake 🙂


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Announcing DTC meeting #2: Tuesday 25th August

Hey everyone!

I’m thrilled to finally announce – doesn’t it seem like ages since the first one? – that the second meeting of Dublin Twook Club will take place on August the 25th at 7.30pm, at the usual venue of 119 Upper Leeson St.

Voting is now open for the second book to be read – just choose your preferred option from the ones listed below. To give everyone a chance of reading the book, voting will stay open until Friday at noon only.

Sign-up is by the usual method – just leave your name and Twitter handle (if you have one!) as a comment to this post. Going on the experience from the first meeting, we can accommodate the first dozen people to sign up in the gaff, so don’t hesitate to just pop your name down. As usual, cancellations are first-come first-served, so even if it’s full, put your name in anyway.

Hope to see you all there – get voting!



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Meeting #1 Feedback, and Going Forward

Hello again,

After a few days of respite following a fairly successful first-ever Dublin Twook Club, we’re back with a bang and already looking forward to our next book and meeting, for the month of August.

First and foremost, I definitely welcome feedback from anyone; whether you were in the room at the meeting, participating on the Liveblog on the night, or indeed if you’ve just stumbled across us now and have anything to add/suggest or you want to participate in our little endeavour.

Secondly, looking forward to the next meeting (date TBC), we’re looking for suggestions for our next book to choose. Those present on the night suggested that we might go for something quite different and off-the-wall, to challenge everyone and resist as much as possible the idea of slipping into any reader’s comfort zone. So what do you suggest? Please feel free to leave comments or Tweet us (@dublintwookclub, as always!). If you’re leaving a comment below, please leave your Twitter username if it’s different to your own name, to help other people find you. Remember, anyone is welcome – you don’t need to have been at the first meeting, or know anyone else in the the group, or indeed have ever participated in a book club to join in.

Looking forward to your responses!

PS – What do we think about doing more bits with the blog here; for example, allowing people to submit book reviews if they want to, discussing new releases, or making it a more up-to-date account of what’s going on in the literary world?


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Welcome to Dublin Twook Club!

Hello and welcome to Dublin Twook Club – Ireland’s first Twitter-based Book Club!

Dublin Twook Club is a simple and self-explanatory concept. It’s based in Dublin – specifically in @119leesonstreet – and it’s a book club, organised over Twitter, i.e. a Twook Club!

It’s a fun, social, and informal monthly get-together to gather round with a drink or two and chat about, well, books, plus inevitably whatever else is tickling your fancy now. Monthly meet-ups will be in the aforementioned 119 (for now anyway!), and co-ordinated through the @DublinTwookClub Twitter account and through this blog.

Importantly, though, we’re not restricting this to Twitter users, so we’d appreciate if you’d spread the word – just click to retweet the message. There’s honestly no limit to the membership so tell anyone who might be interested.

So… go get started. Tweet your suggestions on what the first book we cover should be to the @DublinTwookClub Twitter account, or leave them as comments here, and keep an eye on this blog and the Twitter for more details over the next few days and weeks.



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