In advance of Liveblog Discussion #2

Just a few housekeeping issues, as Stephen Fry would say. If any of you happen to be mentioning the Twook Club on Twitter, I’d appreciate if you could try and slip in the #twookclub hashtag so that we can keep tabs on the conversation going back and forth – we’re hoping to use it Tuesday night if people are participating from afar. Don’t forget to tell your friends that they can follow the liveblog here too! All are welcome. Contributions are important, but if people just want to have an eye in on the action with a view to contributing next time, that’s fine too.

Finally, since each attendee has been asked to bring piece/quote/line/address from a book that touched them, we would encourage those on the liveblog to share similar passages with us.

Please email me at dublintwookclub [AT] if you need any more information between now and Tuesday night.

I’ll see you all at the liveblog!



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4 responses to “In advance of Liveblog Discussion #2

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  2. Thanks very much Sheila, you were great to pop by 🙂

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