Sweet Offer from @Easons

Hi all!

Many of you will be aware of this already (if you follow our twitter account that is… if you’re not a followin’, why the devil not?! We’re at @DublinTwookClub) but this warrants a post here. The nice folks at Easons (that’s @Easons in tweetopolis) have come on board with the Twook Club and have secured a 15% discount for Twookees on titles that we’re discussing. That offer stands for the current title Maus and will continue on as the Club moves forward. I am tremendously grateful to all in Easons for their foresight in seeking out the Club and looking to get involved… very impressive engagement for such a massive company, to think that they would know about the goings on of a wee clubeen like ourselves! The power of the IT eh?!

No recession around here, wha’?!

C x

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One response to “Sweet Offer from @Easons

  1. Well actually, I was looking to buy the book and tweeted easons (and @’d Dublintwookclub) asking if they could do a better price for people wanting to read it for the twookclub – I was being very selfish in this regard – wanting to save a few bob myself and having a complete anathema to buying books from overseas if they are available locally.

    Only after sending the tweet did I think to myself “oh crumbs, the twookclub organisers might think I’m a terrible busy body and only joining in after the IT article” but then I thought “ah feck it, they’ll know my intentions are good”..

    Aaanywhoo, looking forward to contributing via Twitter on the 25th.

    So long and farewell for now.


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