Fancy being on our blogroll?

Just leave a comment here and we’ll see what we can do! 🙂

ps. Attempting to pimp out our wee web home. Suggestions?

pps. On the group’s suggestion, have begun reading Maus. It’s truly blowing my mind, I never thought I would ever get anything from a graphic novel… but what can I say?! I’m a believer!


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7 responses to “Fancy being on our blogroll?

  1. brogen

    Maus is awesome. Studied part of it for my degree and it’s not like any other graphic novel you ever read.

    Um… Yes, would like to be on the blogroll please. Will return the favour of course!

  2. Hi Brogen! What’s your blog? 🙂

  3. Got me very curious about reading it too although packing up the contents of my bookshelf the other day in advance of this weekend’s move, I shouldn’t purchase another thing till I’ve read what I own!!! Love the new WP theme, if you need a hand with any HTML/CSS/graphics stuff, shout – tis me daily toil after all 🙂

  4. Emily Maher

    I just realised I have a graphic novel of sorts on my ever expanding waiting to be read list: Horace Dorlan by Andrezj Klimowski. Did someone mention Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close as I have that too and it looks quite interesting.

  5. Ooooh would love to be on the blogroll! Heading off to buy the book in the morning, never heard of it but excited now I’ve read the comments, would it be in any bookshop?


  6. Wish I was based in Dublin so I could join. I found Maus very powerful.

    I’ll add you on my blog roll even if I can’t join in the fun 😦

  7. I would love to be on the blogroll!

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