Meeting #1 Feedback, and Going Forward

Hello again,

After a few days of respite following a fairly successful first-ever Dublin Twook Club, we’re back with a bang and already looking forward to our next book and meeting, for the month of August.

First and foremost, I definitely welcome feedback from anyone; whether you were in the room at the meeting, participating on the Liveblog on the night, or indeed if you’ve just stumbled across us now and have anything to add/suggest or you want to participate in our little endeavour.

Secondly, looking forward to the next meeting (date TBC), we’re looking for suggestions for our next book to choose. Those present on the night suggested that we might go for something quite different and off-the-wall, to challenge everyone and resist as much as possible the idea of slipping into any reader’s comfort zone. So what do you suggest? Please feel free to leave comments or Tweet us (@dublintwookclub, as always!). If you’re leaving a comment below, please leave your Twitter username if it’s different to your own name, to help other people find you. Remember, anyone is welcome – you don’t need to have been at the first meeting, or know anyone else in the the group, or indeed have ever participated in a book club to join in.

Looking forward to your responses!

PS – What do we think about doing more bits with the blog here; for example, allowing people to submit book reviews if they want to, discussing new releases, or making it a more up-to-date account of what’s going on in the literary world?


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6 responses to “Meeting #1 Feedback, and Going Forward

  1. Obviously I wasn’t present at the first one, due to me living so far away, but I’ll happily give the Liveblog a proper testing next time – my recc is “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini. Simple enough book, with plenty of points to debate about.


  2. Rosemary

    My recommendation is The Blue Tattoo by Margot Mifflin, the story of Mormon girl kidnapped by Indians and brought up as one of their own before being traded back to the whites where she became a kind of freakshow attraction due to a tribal tattoo on her chin. I’m not giving anything away because it is non-fiction but it’s really brilliant and not, I think, something people would ordinarily just pick up.

  3. Oh yes, this sounds like one that will certainly make the shortlist. Move over Ye Man Bookees!

    Hoping to have a poll over the weekend… anything suggested will make said poll. If we don’t get any I’ll get creative.

  4. I would have two recommendations relative to Lawrence, Massachusetts where I grew up, live near. One would be ‘The Girl in the Italian Bakery’ by Kenneth Tingle, another would be ‘Bread and Roses’ by Bruce Watson about the strike of that name in 1912. Not sure if they’d be of interest to readers in Dublin.

    The Irish [1840’s..] were the first emigrants to arrive in Lawrence, live in shanty villages, built the dam on the Merrimack river and dug the canals on both sides to power the once world leading textile mills. It has been said that the city of Lawrence was the first form of government to recognize the Free State of Ireland.

    Can add my blog ‘Life and the pursuit of happiness’
    which is listed above and on twitter.

  5. Re feedback for the last one – it was great. I do think though that a week before a list of possible things to talk about being emailed around might be an idea, just to get us focussed.

    I’m reading a brilliant non-fiction book at the moment, called “A Secret Map of Ireland” by Rosita Boland (New Island publishers). It’s wonderful – recounts her journeying around Ireland and finding things not well known about. I’d love to get people’s views on that book!

    I know very little of what’s new or coming out at the moment though …

  6. Finished the book ‘Maus’, well, the first book, I think we should read the second book too, to really get the whole story.

    The book Daragh mentions sounds interesting as well, will look for that, am sure there are lots of places in Ireland that have been forgotten over the years.

    I think that book reviews would be good here too..

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