Date of the first meeting!

So! While the votes are coming in and while the word is spreading, I’m thrilled to announce that the first ever DublinTwookClub meeting will take place on… ~~~drum roll!~~~ Tuesday the 21st of July at 7.30pm.

Now, as you can imagine, it’s going to be quite difficult to coordinate so many schedules, so we’re hoping to have a rolling membership to allow many people to enjoy being part of the club, at various junctures in it’s development. So, for example, you can commit to coming to the July meeting, but we’ll provide a seperate sign-up for the August get-together. This is to address the commitment issues (!) of some to the club; understandably people are very busy and may not be comfortable signing up to something they feel they can’t give their time to on a recurring basis. It’ll also allow others who can’t get in on time to make the cut for the first meeting to apply again, at a later date.

We’re also hoping to have an online/Twitter discussion on the books – perhaps a liveblog of some sort? – but we’ll reveal more about this at a later time.

We’re limiting the numbers for the first meeting to 15 – again, I really don’t like the idea of culling anyone – but unfortunately space is limited in the room we have so there sadly, for the first time around at least, there just isn’t room for everyone who’s expressed interest.

So, to sign up, just leave a comment below committing to the club for Tuesday 21st July at 7.30pm. It’ll be on in our house – 119 Upper Leeson St., Google Map here – it’s free, of course!, and food and drinks will be provided, though you can feel free to bring whatever you like if that’s what you’re into.

By the way, I’m closing the poll on the book this Friday, so that the first lucky 15 can get stuck into the chosen book in good time!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up!

PS – For those who don’t make it into the first group, please keep an eye on this page and our twitter regardless… you’re welcome to read along and contribute to the discussion online!



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27 responses to “Date of the first meeting!

  1. ooh, I’m in! yay! πŸ™‚

  2. Ding ding ding!

    me too πŸ™‚

  3. Me too please. I’ve cast my vote for the book too *cough*A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius*cough*

  4. I are good with words. And I like books with pictures. I make good tea and coffee. Ooh, look a shiny thing…

    Ahem, can I come?

  5. @shelldillon

    oh boo can’t make that date but will keep an eye for august meet πŸ™‚ will read along anyway and look forward to some online discussion. hope it goes well


  6. orlaith

    Drat! Can’t make July 21st but would definitely be interested in popping along to August one.

  7. Emily Maher

    I can make it on July 21st. Great idea.

  8. Can’t wait to see the amazing coffee machine. You’re terrible Muriel.

  9. Count me in for July… can’t wait.

  10. rosemarymaccabe

    Count me in loike. Except ‘n’ how I don’t know any of you it feels like a reunion, ha!

  11. I’m in.

    Hopefully I’ll have something a bit more substantial to contribute at the meeting…

  12. Gav

    Wow, really ramping up the members tonight, aren’t we?

    By my count that makes 11 so far…
    1 – Alan,
    2 – Dena,
    3 – Sinead,
    4 – Darragh,
    5 – Lottie,
    6 – Darren,
    7 – Emily,
    8 – Jen,
    9 – Joanna,
    10 – Rosemary, and
    11 – Lenny

    Keep the signups coming and tell anyone you think might be interested! …I’m pleasantly surprised that this might be all wrapped up by tonight!

  13. Just to clarify, Gav is a resident of @119leesonstreet; so he (along with Catriona and Damien, other live-in leeches) will be joining us too, but we’re not counting them as part of the 15! Just to clarify. ‘Cos obviously they, you know, live here, and can’t really be left sitting outside… or can they?…

  14. Crap. On holidays that week 😦

    You could invite me over some other time…

  15. Carlita

    Grrr not positive if I’ll be around due to the Whiskey people shipping me over for a week…I’ll check back when I know and see if there is still an availability!

  16. AJ

    I’m available on the 21st if there’s still room!

  17. AJ – count yourself in!

    12 – Nathalie
    13 – AJ

    Carla, let us know as soon as you can!

  18. Oh! I thought I’d missed out cos of the 21 comments…but can I come? I’ll bake! (or at least buy crisps on the way)


  19. Niamh


    Can I take spot #15 please?

  20. …and that’s our lot!

    1 – Alan,
    2 – Dena,
    3 – Sinead,
    4 – Darragh,
    5 – Lottie,
    6 – Darren,
    7 – Emily,
    8 – Jen,
    9 – Joanna,
    10 – Rosemary,
    11 – Lenny,
    12 – Nathalie,
    13 – AJ,
    14 – Laina,
    15 – Niamh

    Thanks for signing up folks; expect an email around the weekend confirming details and directions and such!

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