Picking Our First Book: A Poll

So! First of all, thanks to everyone who retweeted the news about us last week – it’s great to see such interest out there in the big ol’ Twittersphere and we’re really grateful to everyone who did their small bit to spread the word.

And now to the actual nitty-gritty of a book club: the reading bit! We figured that there was no better way of ensuring some interest in the Twook Club than to give you guys the choice of what we kick off by reading, so we’ve taken the best suggestions that people have sent through @replies and Direct Messages on Twitter, and put together this potential list of six books.

We’re going to leave voting open for a week (for now anyway!) so get your say in and be sure to keep spreading the word – the more the merrier, we’ll always find more space!

Thanks again,

Edit: poll removed, now closed...

(Sorry the box doesn’t go wide enough to take in the full names of the books, that’s technology for you…)


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One response to “Picking Our First Book: A Poll

  1. Really looking forward to seeing what book we end up reading 🙂

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